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Torsion Springs

Torsion Spring replacement $CALL

Torsion Springs and end bearings $CALL

System Rebuild - Springs, all three bearings, pair of drums all on a brand new tube $CALL

* Based  a 7 foot high door.

Extension Springs

Extension Spring replacement $195

Extension Springs and pulleys $245

System Rebuild - Springs, pulleys, all 4 cables (lift and safety) and a full set of rollers $345

* Based on a 7 foot high door.

Common Parts

7 ft Vertical Track $85

Center Bearing $35

End Bearings $65

Pair of Pulleys $45

Pair of cables $45

Keypads $120 installed

Nylon Rollers (set) $85

Reinforcement Strut $85 

Remotes  $50 and up

Set of drums $CALL

New Door Installation


8 X 7 - $745 (10% off 2 or more)

9 X 7 - $845   (10% off 2 or more)

16 X 7 - Not Available


8 X 7 - $CALL (10% off 2 or more)

9 X 7 - $CALL (10% off 2 or more)

16 X 7 - $CALL

* All door quotes are based on standard white raised panel with no windows, trim, or decorative hardware.

Other insulation options available, this is just a basic list of most common door replacement options

Routine Services and Maintenance

Crashed Door Reset (no parts included) $145


Garage Door Tune-up (includes fastener tightening, lubrication of all parts and free safety inspection; Operator tune up includes lubrication, adjustment and safety eye alignment $65

Garage Door Openers (Operators)

Chamberlain Group Operators (Chamberlain, Crafteman, Liftmaster, Raynor)

Chamberlain  - 1/2 HP chain drive with one remote 

$285 installed

Chamberlain - 1/2 HP Chain drive with two remotes and electronic keypad $355 installed

Chamberlain  1/2HP Belt drive with two remotes and electronic keypad  

$385 installed

8500 Jackshaft $CALL installed

* All quoted prices are based on a 7 foot door, taller doors require additional materials, please schedule a free estimate if you have an over-sized door.  Quoted prices include basic installation, removal of old equipment, door inspection and tune-up.

Contact us for quotes on other Chamberlain Group operators.

All Chamberlain operators can be connected to MyQ. *Gateway Required*

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