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Door won't open

If you went out and pushed your button and the door didn't open, the first thing you need to do is get on with your day.  You will need to release the door from the operator (opener),  after that you should be able to open the door manually.  If after releasing the opener, and ensuring all slide locks are released your door won't open or is too heavy to lift, you have most likely broken a spring and will need immediate service.  


How to release and engage the operator with the emergency release

Release the door

Assuming the door is closed

Pull the red handle hanging from the center rail

The door is released from the operator, and should open manually

* If you can not lift the door, you may have a broken spring or other problem, contact a qualified professional.

Re-engage the door

Push the handle release up, on some models you will need to pull the rope forward to release

operate the door using the wall button or remote

As the door closes, the operator will reengage.


Crashed Door

A crashed door happens usually when something interferes with the travel of the door on one side.  A rake, bicycle, box anything can cause interference with the door travel and result in the door coming off track (crashing).  The best solution for a crashed door is to call a professional garage door service technician, not only will they fix the door, they will be able to determine if part failure is the culprit.


Garage Doors are Dangerous

Bottom line when it comes to garage doors is that they can be very dangerous to work on.  I do not recommend do it yourself garage door repairs, especially torsion spring replacement.  Springs and cables under pressure can cause serious injury and even death.  Unless you are very confident in your ability, do not attempt garage door repair.

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